This past week I officially became a resident of California. Which means I have my very own bathroom in which to keep my own brand-spanking new, full-sized toothpastes, shampoos, soaps, deoderants, and whatever else my dreams could possibly desire. You may be thinking I sound a little bit crazy, but this is one of those nice little conveniences that I’ve missed for the past few months — having dealt with annoying little travel-sized everythings and keeping them in ziploc baggies that get all soapy and sticky and leak all over everything important in my pack/life.

I think the last post says something about moving to Tahoe… and it’s been a busy couple of weeks since then! Accompanied by a couple of good friends from the UCC and a new friend that we randomly happened across, we managed to find a cute little house just a couple of blocks from one of the most gloriously scenic places in the world. We also live literally next door to Sugar Pine state park… and within minutes of insane mountain hikes, cross-country ski trails, and some great snow-shoeing access.

With a lifty job landed for the winter, a sweet little house to keep my things in, and a full 6 months of ski/board bumming in Lake Tahoe… I’m pretty sure this is going to be a sick winter.

Stay tuned for photo adventures in winter wonderland!