“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from lack of imagination.” – Oscar Wilde

As of yesterday, I can officially say I’ve gone down every [open] run at Squaw on both a board and skis! Woohooooo.

Squaw Creek

Though it’s my first full season on a board and (ever) on skis, it’s not saying terribly much considering we are currently only able to have about five runs open because of the drought. Which, by the way, is apparently the worst drought in the history of the state of California? Said a very nice lady on the Funitel, and this one supporting source I just Googled.

That is, until today! The drought was obliterated this morning by hopeful-forecasts-of-snow-turned-miserable-but-surprisingly-warm rain showers. Which, of course, turned into wintry/blustery sleet mixes throughout the day. Made for a lovely day at the office with sleety-ice rain blasting eyeballs and pelting faces at 30 mph (not including added speed during ride breaks).

I kid, it’s great the drought is over. It could have really affected agriculture and a lot of other things in a very devastating way.


On a lighter note, I took a pretty long road trip the other week. I decided to get out of town for a bit the last time I had four consecutive days off. Spontaneously, and with little direction or knowledge of the area (as usual), I left with a map, compass, and vague notions of getting to the coast. I didn’t fully accept that it would take seven hours to get there — but I genuinely love drive time.

I’ll get some words from some people (my mom) for saying this — but I really like driving fast. On empty, wind-y roads… in the dark. Northern California has so, so many of these wonderful kinds of roads.

In saying that, during this past road trip, I did THE bro-iest thing I’ve ever done by far in my entire life. It was getting late, I was alone on some crazy roads, and getting tired. So I pulled over, chugged a Red Bull, cranked up these tunes, and did some speed tests on this road (299 W). Laugh if you will. Try it sometime.

Google CA 299Let me zoom in on some of that for you.

Goolge CA 299-2It was a beautiful thing — one of the coolest, twistiest roads I’ve been on at night.

So I arrived just outside of Redwood National Park pretty late at night, camped out, and had a really lovely and relaxing time.

Inside dead Redwood

Climbing Trees

Pacific Beach

Pacific CoastSince it took seven hours one way, I could only spend a few daylight hours admiring the sick views before heading back to Tahoe. It was fully worth it, though. I love Northern California, and highly recommend that everyone check it out sometime.

the road



“There’s a fine line between falling and flying.” – Cloud Cult
sunset rt 20

Also, here’s this viral thing that you’ve probably already seen, but I kinda like anyway. Don’t date a girl who travels.


Update: It snowed!