“I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth.
Then i ask myself the same question.”
-Harun Yahya

So apparently, the federal government shut down today. Lame.

Today is our first day off hitch and back in civilization, so we had no idea about anything even going on until we rolled back into service last night. Usually in life, a total shutdown of national parks around the USA wouldn’t cause me to bat a lash, as I’m sure is the case for the vast majority… however the fact that this is happening at a point in my life where I spend every day sleeping outside, and spending my off-time national park hopping…this is a pretty traumatic blow.

Our plans for this 6 day break included hitting up Zion National Park, which we were all super amped up to explore… Thanks to the irresponsible last minute failure in decisiveness (or lack of attention, or blatant negligence and refusal to acknowledgment, or honestly whatever you want to call this nonsense) of the federal government, those plans have to be nixed (along with the hundreds of thousands of other people that planned National Park visits this week).

No worries though, in the spirit of adventure we’ve made quick alternate plans for an impromptu road trip to Tahoe, California! Not a totally random decision, since both good friend Julie and I have applied to lifty jobs out there for the winter season, but still quite an endeavor to get over there, as our trip will cut right through the heart of the West!

Anyway, this past hitch was glorious and completely flew by. It was the hump hitch, and we’ve passed the midpoint of the season at this point (crazy), the weather was gorgeous every single day, the leaves are turning colors, and a day at work is looking more and more like a day at the park with the perfect crispy scent of autumn in the air 🙂 This is the first fall season I’ve been around for in 3 years!

Happy October!