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Hugging Hoodoos

September 21, 2013 Blog, Utah
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This 6-day break was a lot more relaxed than the last, we mostly stayed within two hours of Escalante and discovered the wonders of Bryce Canyon, Red Canyon, and Cedar Breaks... and thankfully we had a gloriously clear sky all…

Emergencies are my Favorite

September 18, 2013 Blog, Utah
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8 people. 4 miles into the back country. 4 days of rain and flash flooding. The only 50 square yards of dry land in 7 miles of canyon. These were the ingredients of Sand Creeks' A-team's latest hitch, the lone…

Arches and Canyonlands

September 7, 2013 Blog, Utah
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We had our first 6 days off after a little over three straight weeks of training and a sawing hitch. The return hike from the back country was exciting and relieving... after 8 straight days of waking up at 5:30…

Seventy Hours of Saw

September 2, 2013 Blog, Utah
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A lot has been happening in short periods of time.... this post was meant for the week of ¬†Sept 2nd-6th, right after we got back from our first hitch. So we got placed on our 8 person crews about 2…